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iPhone X (64 GB)

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a part of our thanksgiving promotion at Best Buy we are giving away brand new iPhone X (64 GB) until 15th December to 199 chosen customers from USA & Canada.
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Kind Regards,

Amanda Davis

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Subject: That *is* a fun fact!

Thank you for coming forward with this — certainly people are more aware these days about how mainstream political campaigns work, but the corporate side of campaigning isn’t discussed much in my experience.

Did you have any sense of the true economic/political beliefs of the individuals you were promoting? How different were they from the scripts you used? Did the scripts include outright fabrications?

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Subject: Wat da fak

I agree with OP’s sentiment. I work in health care and that also applies. HOWEVER, until the US can get off its collective ass and get some minimum employee pay/benefits passed, we’re stuck working under less than ideal circumstances. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been less than healthy and gone to work simply because I would have lost $200 in income plus nearly $300 in dr bills and meds. We were barely making ends meet as it were.

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Subject: 1’mwithyoubro

You won’t find anything that tastes similar. It’s not possible to replicate the taste of a burning cigarette and as someone else stated they will taste how a cigarette smells. I ordered some red tobacco flavored juice as I was a Marlboro red lover, but it tasted exactly like a pack of reds smell when you open them. For me, it was nowhere near what I wanted and it weirded me out, tasting a smell and all so I gave it to my brother. I did have some coumarin pipe juice that was good. Not saying good tobacco juices don’t exist, but you won’t replicate a cigarette at all. Go to a juice shop and taste some stuff to see what you like, or get a sampler from vapewild. It’s like $17 for 60 ml and you can at least order some different flavors and see what you like, and make future orders based off that.

Good luck!

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✉The Cereal Killers

Hi friend!

Identify with the right role models.

Look for someone who has overcome similar problems – they have the power to inspire and motivate you. It skyrockets your chance at success.

You need to know there is a real person behind the program, who you can identify with and TRUST.

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Subject: Opiates

I don’t have a gun because I don’t ever want to shoot someone. I’m not prepared to deal with those consequences, whether or not it is legally or morally justifiable.

I think it’s reasonable to own non-lethal weapons for personal or home protection, but I cannot see shooting someone to keep them from stealing my TV.

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