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Faithfully, Susan Coates

From: Inside The Speaker Studio [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 12:25 PM
To: GrebsBHere@aol.com
Subject: dank meme

My SO’s dog, who I basically consider my own, is so cute. She must be the center of attention at all times, but in a cute way. If you ignore her and don’t include her in cuddles, she hops right in between you and wedges herself right in the middle and then looks up at you with the widest, most innocent eyes.

She also doesn’t get a lot of interaction with other animals, and she gets SO over-the-top excited when she sees one. She actually scared a German Shepherd shitless when she chased it full-speed just because she was so excited to see it.

Maybe not the weirdest stuff, but she’s so innocently adorable.

EDIT: Shirtless to shitless. ‘Cause, ya know, German Shepherds don’t usually wear shirts anyways.

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