You Oughta Be in Pictures

My girl, Sophie, is running in a “beauty’ contest and needs your vote. If you have ever met Sohie, you would remember it. In fact, if I invite you into my home, Sophie will snuggle with you on the sofa (if you let her) and offer warm, affectionate kisses on the tip of your nose. If you’re a friend of mine, you’re a friend of Sophie’s. She’s a brassy character, too. She’ll ring a bell next to the back door to go outside. But she’ll also ring the bell to get me off the sofa or out of bed so she can have my spot. She’s no dummie. She’s debunks the stereotype “Jack Russell” hyperness . . . unless the doorbell rings or another dog passes the house or big monsterous thunderstorm creeps in. She’s just always ready to “go.” In fact, I think she was born “ready.” This contest supports a great cause about animal population control. Learn more here. The best prize is a donation of $5000 to our local humane society. So, let’s give them support and give my Sophie girl the “Hollywood” break she deserves. 🙂

(Deadline to vote is March 7th)


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