The Studio Adds Video

One of the most important tools a speaker can have is video. The other day I received a beautiful looking media packet from a speaker with impeccable credentials. I reviewed his onesheet, testimonials, and topics and felt he could be easily placed among my growing client list. Along with this packet was a video. I quickly slipped it into my DVD player and anxiously awaited a dynamic speaker. I waited . . . and waited . . . surely the voiceover introduction would be done soon. But I waited some more . . . next came testimonials . . finally, I see the speaker. But he’s not talking. He’s just moving around on a stage with a voiceover telling me how great he is. Well, if he’s so great, LET’S HEAR HIM TALK! Meeting planners really don’t care if speakers are CSP, CPAE, or CMP. You could be an LMNOP or CRT for all I care. The bottom line is How are you in front of an audience? Are you motivating? Will you provide effective and memorable content? Or will you just be an over-priced sack of ego? A professoinal video displaying your talent is not only necessary, it’s a must. It doesn’t take much, but does take time and creativity. To help out our meeting planners we have added a YouTube site to The Speaker Studio. They are video vingnettes that short, sweet, and to the point – edited by The Speaker Studio to showcase how a speaker looks and sounds in front of an audience. Check them out at You can also find them on our blog at Or go straight to YouTube to view them at

There are many do-it-yourself software programs to help you cut editing costs. One such package is Magix and is inexpensive software for creating your demo videos. Click here for more information

Check out Digital Video For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
by Keith Underdahl by For Dummies Paperback
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $10.23Buy Now


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