Worst audience ever

by Darren LaCroix

I always find it fascinating to study any presentation as if it were a formal speech. You can learn a lot from this practice. Most of the elements are the same. And oftentimes I discover things I can use, or things I need to remember to avoid. When observing with a student-like mind, it’s always interesting what you’ll learn.

For example, have you ever really observed a flight attendant giving safety instructions? You think you have tough audience, how about that gig? Can you tell if a flight attendant is new? When I flew recently to Singapore to give a talk and to work on creating this program, I discovered that on international flights the instructions are a little more detailed. They include a demonstration on how to use the life jacket. When our flight attendant, Cindy, began it was obvious that most people were not even paying attention. In fact some were even sleeping. I’d had a jolt of cafĂ© mocha and was feeling a little hyper so I decided to have a little fun. Read more.


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