wow! what a surprise!


Have you heard the latest news? Not yet? You have to read it then, because it’s just wow! Here is the info view message

Yours sincerely, Susan Coates

fantastic place


We’ve been at a very nice place recently and we loved it so much, I think it is just a fantastic place, check it out message

Warm regards, Susan Coates

could that be real?

Hi friend!

I’ve just seen something really weird and I decided to ask you whether that is real or not. Just take a look open message

Warmly, Susan Coates

a MUST listen for ALL speakers


You really MUST listen to this podcast post from NSA if you are serious about speaking professoinally. The first part is an interview with a speakers bureau out of Dallas, TX.


This is a fabulous post. It not only explains what I do and how a bureau works, but also about what many speakers do WRONG in their marketing. Those are just the first two interviews. Third is about sales. And more about NSA.

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